Project Management Unit Jobs 2023

Project Management Unit Jobs 2023

Project Management Unit has announced Managerial, Associate Procurement, Jobs Etc in Express Newspaper Dated 08-06-2023. The required qualifications are Graduation, Bachelor, Etc.

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The Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) is a government organization in Pakistan that is responsible for the preservation, restoration, and promotion of the historical Walled City of Lahore, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Walled City of Lahore refers to the historic core of the city of Lahore, which is enclosed by a fortified wall.

The WCLA was established in 2012 under the Walled City of Lahore Act 2012, with the aim of conserving and revitalizing the architectural and cultural heritage of the Walled City. The authority works towards the preservation of historical buildings, urban planning, infrastructure development, and the promotion of tourism and cultural activities within the Walled City.

The WCLA carries out various initiatives and projects to restore and rehabilitate the historical buildings, including mosques, havelis (traditional mansions), gardens, and markets within the Walled City. It also focuses on improving the living conditions of the residents and promoting economic development in the area.

In addition, the WCLA organizes cultural events, festivals, and guided tours to promote the rich heritage and cultural significance of the Walled City of Lahore. It collaborates with national and international organizations, experts, and stakeholders to ensure the sustainable preservation and promotion of this important historical site.

If you require specific information or have inquiries about the Walled City of Lahore Authority or its activities, it is advisable to directly contact the authority or visit their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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Latest Vacancies Details of PMU Jobs 2023

  1. Deputy Manager Jobs
  2. Associate Procurement Jobs

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Walled City of Lahore Authority Pakistan Jobs 2023

How To Apply for Walled City of Lahore Authority Pakistan Jobs 2023 Jobs 2023 

Latest Government sector & Public sector jobs in Walled City of Lahore Authority Pakistan Jobs 2023Pakistan.

  1. Application are to be submitted on the Punjab Job Portal Further Job Description of every post is available at the Punjab Job Portal.
  2. The Last date for submission of application forms to the PMU Jobs is 19th June 2023.

The Last date for submission of the application is 19-06-2023.

Project Management Unit

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